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Stat Lab Track is an invaluable tool designed by Laboratory Management for Laboratory Productivity. Are you having problems managing STAT calls? How about Managing Flights for send out labs? Can your phlebotomists access a detailed list of house call patients from their smart phone? Manage critical laboratory requests in real-time.Cloud-Based Lab Tracking
slider-elementslider-elementslider-elementslider-elementslider-elementLive updates to the fieldPhlebotomists receive new orders on any mobile device.
slider-elementslider-elementCross DepartmentLogins for each facet of STAT calls
slider-elementSecure, off-site backed-up dataNever worry about infrastructure or hosting.

Cloud-based laboratory tracking with real-time results.

Are you tracking your STATs in a 3-Ring binder or an Excel Spread sheet? It’s not working that well is it?

Cloud-Based Web App

Cloud-based computing equates to lower upfront costs without the hassle and investment in servers, software, IT personnel, backups, system maintenance, expansion and the constant demand on internet resources. Stat lab track takes the headaches out of software deployment and allows you to manage and track your stats and pickups today.

Mobile Accessible

Today’s laboratory environment is fast passed and more demanding than ever before. Communication between phlebotomists, couriers and the laboratory is essential. Customer service, field personnel, managers and executive staff can have instant access to real-time events with Stat Lab Track. Decrease phone calls and wait time with in-the-field status updates.

Real-Time STAT Clock

STATS are defined as “This patient has something wrong and we need clinical results now.” The measure of a laboratory’s STAT performance is its ability to dispatch a field worker, collect the specimen and deliver it to the laboratory for processing in the shortest amount of time. Stat Lab Track has developed essential Real-Time STAT Clocking that organizes events and alerts personnel to maintain the strictest of service guarantees.

Data Backed Up

Do you have a good data backup plan? Well we do. With a five (5) stage backup plan, we are constantly preparing for the unexpected. Our data is housed in multiple locations throughout the US so if tragedy strikes, we are ready. When you are responsible for Patient Care there can be no shortcuts. Backups are preformed hourly, daily and weekly.

360° Reports

How long did it take to perform a STAT call? Which locations have the best turnaround time? How many STATs were perform last week, last month or last year? Who is the top field worker, who needs more training? Stat Lab Track has the ability to data mine all the answers to these questions at the click of a button.

Location Tracking

Did your courier start from a facility or from home? Is the phlebotomist at the right site or the correct customer’s address? How many miles did the field worker travel while doing house calls or specimen pickups? With Stat Lab Track you now have the ability to geo-track an employee’s service location or multiple service locations. The power to know when and where your services are being performed is within a click.